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moira bateman: the hungry girls

The Hungry Girls, a collection of 9 foot tall fiber and mixed media dresses hanging from old, weathered wood and metal¬†yokes, were inspired by Moira Bateman’s fascination with the images in Patricia Eakins’ story The Hungry Girls.

Moira Bateman 1

Momenta Animale: The Hungry Girls No. 7 
linen textile, onion skin dye, raw wool, wood and metal yoke

Bateman’s Hungry Girls are made of linen and raw sheep’s wool. The Minneapolis based artist used the one possession shared by the girls in the story – a nightdress – as the basis for this collection of “wild, woolly animal-like dresses.”

Moira Bateman 2


Moira Bateman 3

Moira Bateman 4


Moira Bateman 5


Moira Bateman, Hungry Girls

Bateman also creates 8 foot tall Digital Archival Pigment Prints from photographs of the dresses.

The video lets us see how Bateman works

Moira Bateman’s website



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