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terry kovalcik’s visual stories in metal clay

I just spent a delightful evening with a group of metal clay artists winding down their biannual conference. Intimate, casual yet serious learning with a healthy dose of humor, friendship, relaxation and bonding in a beautiful country setting. More of a retreat experience than the fast paced conferences I’m used to – artists came from all over the USA, England and Poland (and I might have missed a few countries!) to continue their studies with metal clay.

I left my camera home. What was I thinking? Forgive me. . .

I met New Jersey’s Terry Kovalcik and as he shared his work with me, I found myself holding my breath as I carefully opened each of his story-telling hinged lockets. Such surprises inside. Such beautiful surprises. Breathtaking detail. I had to ask him to tell me. Tell me all.

Terry Kovalcik Zodiac Crab

Terry handed this Zodiac Crab Locket to me. . .and Oh.My.Goodness. The crispness of the tiny crab and other elements aren’t captured in the photo. . .but still, can you see what I mean? Kovalcik uses a combination of metal clays – PMC+, PMC 3, PMC 3 paste, as well as sterling silver findings.

Terry Kovalcik Zodiac Crab Inside

Zodiac Crab Locket, open

Terry Kovalcik Buzz Box

Buzz Box

“Many of my pieces are made of multiple elements that hang, dangle and swing with the movement of the body. This gives the piece life and adds an element of whimsy. After sketching my designs on paper, it’s the process of creating, sculpting and assembling these pieces that are most gratifying.”

Terry Kovalcik

Doodle Locket

” I’ve become passionate about making boxes that allows me to work on both the inside and outside designs—with the mystery of its interior and the secrets that can be hidden inside.”  

I think he nailed it. Oh, yes.The sculptural pieces are alive with movement and whimsy and will spark your curiosity.

Terry Kovalcik A Tear For Icarus

A Tear For Icarus Locket

Terry Kovalcik Icarus Open

A Tear For Icarus Locket, open

The pictures here don’t do the work justice. They simply do not capture the detail. It was important to hold each piece, bring it in close, to appreciate the tiny components. Oh.So.Lovely. The back as detailed as the front. The hinges and clasps expertly crafted. Go find his work. Just do it.

Many thanks to Terry for sharing his work and to Wendy McManus for inviting me to meet her tribe and learn more about the artists moving this young medium forward.

Watch for more posts coming soon, showcasing artists who mesmerized me with their metal clay work and stories.

Terry Kovalcik’s website

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  1. Susan, seeing this post has me walking on air! I love Terry’s work and I’m thrilled to see this recognition for him. Thanks for making time to attend our Metal Clay Mojo conference. It was lovely to have you there.

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