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fenella elms: flows

Rhythmic movement. Repetitive patterns. Undulating waves. Can you see why I had to share Fenella Elms’ collection of porcelain clay wall hangings? She calls them Flows. . .and they do. . .flow.




The artist works intuitively – the pieces are not planned, mapped out, sketched. She makes hundreds of individual beads of clay, adhering them to a sheet of porcelain with slip and firing them to create a solid form that allows light and shadow play to enliven them.






Elms’ first career was in mental health and though she doesn’t try to connect her former career to her art, she is fascinated by how those experiences show up in the rhythm of her work.




 [click on this image to see the detail up close]

“All the work builds with a connection of separate parts: an interest in the interaction that comes about through placing in formation; the shifting components form a co-operative body. I want the finished work to be alive; responding to light and the angle of view around it.”

Fenella Elms’ website


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