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lena olson’s thing with wood

Since childhood, Sweden’s Lena Olson has had what she refers to as a “close and good relationship” with wood. She credits her ‘thing’ with wood as one of the main reasons the material is a good fit for the artist.



Rings, bracelets, pendants, brooches and bracelets beautifully crafted from ebony, pearwood, pink ebony, lime, amaranth. . .


olson_heart_pinkebony“Initially I used to combine wood with silver in my jewelry, and also other materials like textile and concrete. But as wood turned out to give me all the answers and challenges I could ask for, it was eventually the only thing I needed.”  From an interview with the artist on AJF






Olson enjoys taking a solid piece of material and removing pieces of it to create the form, particularly when the material itself makes it clear the artist is not in control of everything. I’m speaking of the grains, cracks, and variations of colors in any piece of wood . She doesn’t control them and yet they add so much, all while she is taking away from the material to create a form. Olson surrenders to the material with grace. . .






Lena Olson’s website

Read the interview with Lena Olson on Art Jewelry Forum

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