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bergnerschmidt: strong but sensitive concrete

How do you shift the viewer to feel warm and fuzzy about jewelry created with a material that is generally known to be cold, heavy and harsh?

Tiled Cufs, cement


You do it by writing this description on your About page:


owner’s handbook
i am a concrete piece of jewelry.
i am strong but sensitive.
i am very superficial
and i do care a lot about my superficial area.
i will develop scratches and color changes
according to your handling.
after a certain time you will be able to see myself
growing a beautiful patina.
i like to be the centre of attention,
please take me out and show me around.
i am heavy stuff and there is nothing much you
can do about my weight.
just wear me with attitude!
i don’t love things such as water, heavy luggage,
external pressure and the fall from a great hight.
if you take me to the gym or get me in fights
our friendship could suddenly come to an end.
to make a long story short,
i just like to be handled with care!


Brilliant move by BergnerSchmidt. Kudos.


Obelisk Rings, cement


Lily Bergner and Elisabeth Schmidt studied fashion design together at the University of Applied Science in Berlin. In 2009 they started their own label and began to make concrete jewelry.


TownHouse Cuffs, cement


Known for its clean, cool aesthetic, Bergner and Schmidt handcraft each piece of white, black and grey concrete in their collections, heeding the old adage ‘less is more’.


Town Rings, cement


Flat Cuffs, cement


TownHouse Rings, cement


Curved Cuffs, cement


Cuffs, cement




From the website: “Towards the cliché – concrete is cold, hard and heavy – they present the material from another side. Their concrete jewelry is delicate, smooth and light. It breathes and changes with the person who wears it.”


BergnerSchmidt’s website
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