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geraldine gonzalez: window dressing

Shoe designer turned sculptor, Geraldine Gonzalez now focuses her considerable skills and talents on window display and sculpture for the home using materials like papier maché, fabric, crystals, crushed glass and crushed pearls.


 Aigrette, paper


 Cerf, paper, wire, lights


Méduses Cristal, crystals, lights

The French artist often lights her sculptures with LED lights, emphasizing the translucency of the work and mesmerizing viewers.


 Paon Blanc, paper


 Chaise Lumineuse, crystals, lights


 Robe Lumineuse, paper, LED lights

Geraldine Gonzalez’ website

Don’t miss this video of Gonzalez and her work.

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  1. Susan,
    Not only is your WHITE issue breathtakingly beautiful, but I am hopelessly in love with geraldine gonzalez’ work. To follow one’s dreams, make things, which are filled with light and lightness, lift them into places they haven’t been before is magical.

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