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robert farrell’s barns, silos and towers

I’m drawn to the simple lines and beautiful craftsmanship of Robert Farrell’s hollow-formed barns, silos and water towers.


Red Wharf, sterling, copper, nickel, enamel, 12″ x 7″h


White Silos, sterling, copper, enamel, 22″h


Orange Tower, sterling, nickel, enamel on copper, 22″h

Farrell forms the sculptures using sterling silver, copper and nickel, enhancing them with ground-glass enamel and 23k gold leaf.


Tall Green Barn, sterling, copper, enamel, 23k gold leaf, 12″h


Red Leaning Silo, sterling, copper, nickel, enamel, 13″h


White Barn II, sterling, nickel, enamel on copper, 14″h


¬†Blue Silo and White Barn,¬†sterling, copper, nickel, enamel, 16″h

He describes this new body of work as being “about memories, childhood, places I’ve lived and seen, people I remember and, some of it is simply made to make me smile.”


Rumination On My Choice Of Career


¬†Visitation, sterling, nickel, copper, wood, paper, 23k gold leaf, 34″h


Visitation, detail

The wall pieces feel like reliquaries to me. . .ripe with meaning.


Robert Farrell’s website

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  1. I have always liked Robert’s sculptures but these are even more fabulous than any I’ve seen him do. Congrats to Robert on this beautiful work and to you for discovering it. I can’t wait to see it in person.

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