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sivan royz: blooming structures & happy new year!

For her graduation project in 2011 textile designer Sivan Royz created a technique using laser-cut layers of richly colored silk that allows her jewelry to move and change when touched, much like a living organism. I love the concept.


Blooming Structures Brooch, laser-cut silk, string 


 Blooming Structures Neckpiece, laser-cut silk, string


 detail, laser cut silk

Royz also designed a collection of purses using the same technique.


 Blooming Structures Purse, closed


 Blooming Structures Purse, open
Just enough room for the essentials – an iPhone and lipstick!

Inspired by nature, she calls this body of work Blooming Structures, explaining: “By layering masses of laser-cut silk pieces, I attempted to capture the beauty of nature, into purses with custom tailored cavities for holding the objects within them.”



Blooming Structures Purse, closed, laser cut silk, string


 The construction

After layering hundreds of cut silk pieces, she brings them together with string to form the final design. Fascinating. Sivan Royz is one to watch.



Sivan Royz’ website

via dezeen.com

 Happy New Year!

I hope you too move and change when touched and that as the year unfolds you wrap yourself in beautiful colors, textures, shapes and experiences. Here’s to a lush 2014!

With deep gratitude for your continued support of DAM –

Susan (aka daMuse)


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