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alison lowry: glass and textiles

Alison Lowry married her interest in textiles and embroidery with her passion for glass, which she describes as “the perfect medium to encapsulate these transient notions.”

lowry_emptydress Empty Dress

“Empty dresses hang like skeletons in closets, bound with the memories the (absent) body still holds.”

The results are thought provoking and haunting. Utilizing techniques such as ‘Pate de verre’, box casting’ and the ‘lost wax technique’ Lowry creates sculptures that explore the universal themes of life and death and more recently, “how clothing acts like a second skin, and how these items are inexplicably interlaced with narrative.”


 Marjorie’s First Shoes


Star Of The Sea

“Glass offers endless sculptural possibilities and is full of contradictions- a mirror of life itself.”


 One In Nine




Alison Lowry


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