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rogan brown’s layered, intricate paper cuts

We’ve looked at a number of paper cuttings over the years and each one offered its own intrigue. Rogan Brown’s multi-layered papercuts representing natural organic forms are mind-boggling. Mind Boggling.


Cut Pod

Inspired by the work of scientific artists like Ernst Haeckel, Brown focuses on repeat patterns of different scales, “from the microscopic to the macroscopic, from individual cells to large scale geological formations.” Cut Pod, above, took five months to create.

The Artist on Cut Pod:

As is usual in my creative practice this sculpture grew slowly and gradually, each layer succeeding the other more by intuition than design, the work growing organically. I wanted to create something vegetal but not floral. Above all I wanted to avoid the tweeness/cuteness of cut paper flowers and all the whimsical sentimentality they imply.

For me nature is not sentimental or picturesque, it is rather the Kantian sublime, beautiful and terrifying.

Seed pods often protect their precious cargo with spikes and thorns and I wanted to make reference to this aspect of nature. It is present too in that other source of inspiration for my work the microscopic imagery of cellular forms, particularly, in this case, images of bacteria and virus cells that are also, in their dark way, seed carriers.







Work In Progress


Rogan Brown

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