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animals in art, part two

Last month we took a look at artists who create animals, including a look at the DAM archives. There is so much good work out there it’s already time for a part two!

Textile artist Karen Nicol comes from a family of embroidery artists (both she and her sister hold degrees in embroidery). When asked to describe her work Nicol explained, “I create ‘couture creatures’ I suppose. I use my animals to explore the the interesting dichotomy of man wearing animal skins and animals ‘clothed ‘ in skins inspired by human culture.” Read and interview with the artist on textileartist.org.



  Karen Nicol

Researching Karen Nicol brought me to her husband, who I featured back in 2007. Time to take a second look at Peter Clark as he continues to make good use of his comprehensive collection of found papers – their colors, patterns and textures add rich layers as he ‘paints’ his paper animal collages.


Peter Clark 

Deborah Simon’s animal sculptures swing in the other direction – nothing cute or charming here. The work is realistic enough to be mistaken for taxidermy. Simon’s use of polymer clay, faux fur and foam is brilliant.




 Deborah Simon

Sue Walters usually burns animal images into wood but I was interested in the way she uses pyrography and acrylic paint on Tagua nuts – WOW!


Sue Walters 

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