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steve irvine’s ceramic pinhole cameras

Last month when I was gathering information to write a post about paper artist Elly MacKay I made a note that her father is a ceramic artist who makes (among other things) pinhole cameras. As an avid photographer, the concept fascinates me. Today I finally had time to look at Steve Irvine’s ceramic pinhole cameras and the images he creates with them. Still fascinated!












 [click to see full size]

Irvine’s pinhole cameras are fully functional – the cameras have no lens, light meter, viewfinder, or automatic shutter – the photo of orchids (above) shows us that none of that is necessary to produce beautiful, high quality images.

Steve Irvine’s website

Steve Irvine’s website for photographs created with his ceramic pinhole cameras

Instructions for how to make your own ceramic pinhole camera

And check out THIS camera!

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