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linda ezerman mixes materials

Felt, wood, silver, copper, polymer clay, silicone and paint. A wonderful mix of materials that offer texture, color and visual interest. Linda Ezerman uses some combination of these different materials in her collection of jewelry resulting in pieces that are: Quirky. Organic. Alive.



Neckpiece, driftwood, balsawood, pigment, liquid polymer clay, titanium



Neckpiece, driftwood, balsawood, pigment, rubber, titanium


 Bracelet, felt, pods, rubber, ink



Trapped by Pearls, driftwood, felt, pearls


Musselbay, felt, willow twig, polymer clay, silicone, paint

“In my  jewellery I express how I experience the outside world. I am fascinated by the surroundings I find myself in and what these surroundings invokes in me: paradoxical feelings of freedom, security and imminent danger.”


Linda Ezerman’s website

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