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sara fell’s metal inclusions in glass

I’m always on the lookout for glass jewelry that WOWs me – it doesn’t happen often enough, but Sara Fell’s metal inclusions in cast and fused glass did the trick for me today. She loves the unpredictable nature of the process. I love the results.


 Glass bracelet with metal inclusions


 Glass pendant with metal inclusions


Some of the pieces do double duty – another WOW factor. The ring below is actually the stopper for the bottle pictured beneath it. The stopper unscrews from the bottle and screws into the silver ring. You can read more about it here.


Cabachon bottle stopper shifting gears and ready to be worn as a ring


Glass Bottle with Cabachon Stopper


You can see how they work in the picture above, which shows the removable bottle stoppers attached as rings and the individual components.


Another bottle with removable stopper that does double duty as a ring

“I work with both Cast and Fused Glass, with the use of metal inclusions, Pewter, Bronze, Silver and Brass. Combining these materials has been intrinsic in my work, pushing the boundaries of both materials.

The excitement of breaking open a mould and revealing the unpredictable.”


Sara Fell’s website


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