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mook! recycled toys for adults?

After a misdiagnosis and a minor setback things are on the upswing and I’m feeling better. I’ve been working hard catching up on things that had to wait while I was ill. More on that soon. DAM posts will gradually return to daily. . .and that’s a good thing. Glad to be on the mend. So happy to be posting again. 


Armando, Rocking Hedgehog

Today take a look at Mook, a project by Rome’s Carlo Nanetti and Francesca Crisafulli. The European Design Institute teachers have a wide range of skills and interests, including creating objects with recycled materials.



If they were in the USA I would have tapped them to be part of Peace by Piece. My guess is that they would have brought a bit of whimsy to the project.










Glenda, Rocking Gosling

“Sea worn debris, objects forgotten by cities, parts of old doors and furniture, and metallic elements of mechanisms that no one wanted anymore, are reassembled according to the rules of artistic recycling until they become sculptures or fully function objects once more.”







Leo Senior

“. . .these objects are designed to create an emotional bond with the viewer, full of references to a children’s universe, to the dimension of play and to a present revisited in an ironic and shifted way. The real and the imaginary, the present and the past intermingle and overlap.”

Starting the week on a light note. Have a great Monday!

Mook’s website


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  1. Nice to see you back! I am so glad to hear things are better with you and they have a correct diagnosis this time.
    I don’t post often but had to write today, also wanted to say all these little fellows are wonderful love this idea of recycling!

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