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peace by piece art project

Back in November I wrote about collecting debris from Hurricane Sandy and entrusting the pieces to artists who would transform the remnants of the hurricane into art.


macro nails

 photo, Susan Lomuto

Since then I have gathered over 300 pieces of debris, named the project, built a website, secured close to 20 artists to participate so far – all from DAM’s bountiful list of featured artists – and have begun the process of raising funds to cover shipping costs to get this debris into the hands of this wonderful group of thoughtful, talented artists.

the peace by piece website

The Peace by Piece website

The project is already creating some buzz. . .interest coming from different places. Perhaps a traveling exhibit? A book? More about that another time. Let’s get this party started first.


Most of the debris. Click image to see full size. 

As I work to find a new normal in my own life regarding my health, I take comfort in this project – in part because it is about something very close to my heart – the knowledge that we can rise up from  devastation and destruction to create hope, light and love, no matter how challenging the path.

peace by piece

 photo, Susan Lomuto [click to see full size]

My contribution to the exhibit is two-fold. First, a series of macro photographs of the debris before its transformation. Additionally, each box of debris that is shipped out to an artist will include a small piece of debris that I have altered in some way. This adds another layer of interest and common thread running through the artworks.


beach pebble cocoon

Altered Debris Fragment, mohair, beach pebbles


Altered Debris Fragments, burned, drilled, polymer clay

altered debris

Altered Debris Fragments, drilled, burned holes, silk ribbon, silk Sari remnants

The first box ships out on Monday. Others will ship out as the money becomes available. You can follow the progress of Peace by Piece right HERE – and if you want to help get the debris into the hands of the artists, you can make a donation of any amount on that page.

macro of hurricane sandy debris

photo, Susan Lomuto [click to see full size]

Peace by Piece. That’s how it’s done. . .and that’s how I’ll get where I need to be. Peace by Piece.



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2 Responses to peace by piece art project

  1. Thanks for putting together such an amazing project. I’ve enjoyed your blog for over a year and deeply appreciate all the beauty you bring into my life. I have chronic health problems (for 36 years now) and I know the power of art in restoring one’s sense of health and self. It’s often hard for me to get out and see art live, so I send you thanks for bringing so much art into my life. Blessings to you.

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