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kristine mays breathes life into wire

Lately my uniform consists of comfy flannel pajama pants and snuggly sweatshirts. I’ve never been much of a fashionista but I admit, this is a bit extreme even for me. Necessary at the moment, but not very pretty! While I rock the plaid flannel, I enjoy looking at artist’s rendition of women’s fashion, including Kristine Mays’ wire garments.


A ‘Vogue’ Idea


Liquid Curves

Mays uses hundreds of pieces of heavy wire for each sculpture and her passion to capture movement and personality is palpable.

“It is my passion to breathe life into wire, to take strong heavy metal wire and capture the essence of a person – a living breathing soul – through the folds and softness, the wrinkles and movement of a garment created from wire.”


His Side of The Story

“My hope is to stir you and cause you to reflect on the life lived within that body I have captured. Movement and gesture play a big part in reflecting the essence of a person. I often feel like I have captured a moment, a snap second of time, freezing movement.”


Layers of Expectations




Kristine Mays with several of her wire sculptures

“My latest work has been more lyrical, often exploring aspects of the wind blowing against the body or the gestures that come through dance.”


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