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pauline agnew rocks teaching art online!

Today I launched another session of Teaching Art Online, the only online course that teaches artists how to create multimedia online art classes and online learning environments. I’m delighted to introduce you to Pauline Agnew, an alumni of TAO. Since completing TAO in Spring 2012 she has been teaching her powerful 5-week class “Draw and Paint What You Love” and students are loving this class!


Frida, by Pauline Agnew

Pauline, a painter with a vivacious personality and passion for teaching, used TAO as a springboard to create “Draw and Paint What You Love”. The eCourse explores the mindset of creative artists and focuses on “the creative process that leads to the object that we produce and not the other way around.”


Click for more information and to register.
Class begins February 11th

Pauline reminds us that drawing and painting are very connected, as they both begin with a mark. I was mesmerized watching one of the first videos, where she demonstrates the first layer of mark making. All I can say is “WOW”!


Billie, by Pauline Agnew

She doesn’t stop with video instruction, prompts and inspiration. Taking what she learned in TAO a few steps further, she created a truly wonderful online learning experience for anyone who wants to learn how to “Draw and Paint What You Love”.

She even hosts a weekly virtual art date with her students via their private Facebook group – dress code informal!

The class has quickly become popular not only for the comprehensive content, but also because of her dynamic teaching style. Don’t take my word for it though – here is a small sampling of what students are saying about the class:


Peggy Krantz

“I love Pauline!! Do you know how hard it is to find a teacher that will actually critique your work and who has the verbal skills and techniques to the extent that they can actually help you move your art forward?.. I have lots of people who say “nice job” but very few who have the courage and the confidence to speak up about the things I need to push further.”  ~Peggy Krantz



“Pauline is an amazing teacher with the ability to bring out the true creative soul of a person.Her knowledge and teaching methods are exceptional. An accomplished and sensitive artist herself, she has a real eye for spotting the essence of a piece and bringing out the best in all her students. Her course is second to none and pure joy.” ~Phyllis Fell


“This is not just an art course…..it’s a life course! I want to sign up again!I hope that women of all backgrounds and levels of talent/skill will see that this course is for them….Thank you Pauline.” ~Nancy Slate-Lange


“Omg!!! Am totally blown away with our showcase video! That is totally awesome!! Loved the whole course Pauline-would love to do more of your courses!” ~Teresa Myat Berg


This class is exactly what I hoped to see artists be able to accomplish when I developed Teaching Art Online. She’s done an amazing job of creating a superior eLearning art experience for artists around the world. Congratulations Pauline!

There is still time to sign up for her February 11th session. More information here.

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  1. What a lovely start to my day your positive feedback on my work has been Susan.Getting to grips with online teaching would have been a much steeper mountain to climb without your uber professional, but smack down to earth and doable teaching online course! So glad I found you and did it!:)

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