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fred yokel tickles your funny bone

I’ve had a couple of those days. You know the kind I mean – when you work, work, work and not much gets done. Jumping over or around or under obstacles for hours to do something that usually takes no time at all.


So when Melinda Cootsona sent me a link to Fred Yokel’s lighthearted ceramic sculptures I smiled, then chuckled, then realized my mood had shifted. He captures sentiments by movement and position. No facial features. Clever. I had to share. . .

Ta Da!

Say No More

I’ll Tell You

How’d This Happen?


And Over Here. . .

A Little Help


Fred Yokel

My current exploration involves studying the basic human form and extracting a frozen moment of a particular scene, analyzing the moment and trying to reduce that moment to a single frame of action. It’s kind of like trying to find a single frame in a movie that expresses a scene and gives the viewer enough information to understand what action was taking place at that time.

I concentrate heavily on the movement and stance of the figure, rather than the facial expression, (thus the tiny heads) constantly trying to figure out which position to tilt a hand or an elbow or a bent knee to express a particular movement or maybe even a particular emotion.

Get a sense of the size of these sculptures while you listen to Yokel talk about how and why he titles them the way he does – I like the way this man thinks!

Fred Yokel’s website



class starting february 4, 2013

Teaching Art Anything Online


Students are encouraging me to change the name of my eCourse from Teaching ART Online (TAO) to Teaching ANYTHING Online (TAO).

Why? Because although the class is geared towards artists, once people begin the modules they quickly realize that the materials, tools and information covered are relevant to anyone who wants to teach online.



It’s true.

The course content in this comprehensive class is spot-on whether you are an artist, cook, writer, landscape designer, interior designer, math teacher, gardener, plumber, car mechanic, internet marketer or anyone else who wants to teach an online class!

I just added a NEW module to the guided version of  Teaching Art OnlineModule 7 – Video 101: Creating Video For Your Class With A Smartphone.

As one of my students said, “This takes the class from really, really good to superb!” The 8-week class begins next Monday. There is still time to register here.



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