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adam thomas rees: large-scale polymer clay sculpture

Adam Thomas Rees learned how to make polymer clay canes as a teenager. Today Rees combines the art of sculpture with the art of cane making in his collection of large-scale polymer clay animal scuptures. Watching him lay the canes onto the sculpture in the video below exhausted me – and that’s only one part of the process! Wonderful work.








“These forms embody the old and the new, the material and the ethereal: polymerclay is a completely new medium but the canes trace their history all the way back to early Egypt and the bodies are modeled after an animal’s real physical form but the skins, made totally from canes, captures their character, their strength and power, that set of traits we refer to as the spirit.”


The image above is just one example of the intricately detailed polymer clay canes Rees builds to adorn the sculptures. The cane has been cut into several large pieces, each of which is reduced to a different size.

Adam Thomas Rees with one of his sculptures


Watch Rees make the polar bear. . .impressive 


Adam Thomas Rees’ website

Many, many more photos – including lots of in-progress shots – on his Facebook Page

Thanks to Kathi Briefer-Gose for the link

María Oriza’s website


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