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tanaka kazuhiko’s mini sculptures

Sometimes small and simple just works. Tanaka Kazuhiko’s Wind People, Wind Towers and other mini clay sculptures capture a feeling – figurative poetry in motion.


Newspaper/The Man, clay stone powder, tinted watercolor or acrylic


Gust In The Rain, clay stone powder, tinted watercolor or acrylic


 At A Bar


After The Rain


Wind Dance










Tanaka Kazuhiko’s website


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7 Responses to tanaka kazuhiko’s mini sculptures

  1. You capture character, air and motion. Wish I could read Japanese, to read about you and your work. What size are these pieces? They are poetic and utterly believable despite their size.

    If you translate your website into English, please let me know.-Alice

    • Alice you can cut and paste the text from his website into Google Translate and you will be able to see it in English. Also, I posted a couple of photos of the sculptures in a setting so you can see just how tiny they are.

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