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tatjana raum’s polymer and driftwood

Tatjana Raum’s¬†endearing collection of figurative sculptures combine two of my favorite materials with her delightful imagination.

Raum’s polymer sprites, elves and pixies are full of character and charming, but her Wooden Spirits, made with polymer clay and driftwood, make me swoon. Swoon.
















Tatjana Raum’s website

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8 Responses to tatjana raum’s polymer and driftwood

  1. The first photo I thought was a child in a driftwood mask/costume until I scrolled down to include the entire picture. It’s a beautifully crafted polymer face! What talent!

  2. What a great way to greet the morning! Your work is exceptional and I love the fact that you use such lovely wood in your artwork! Heavenly touch!

  3. Love the personality you have extruded out of the clay. Your faces are fabulous and I really love the combination fo barky wood around those lovely faces. Nice work!

  4. In years of searching for the art that “Feels Right”, yours is “it”. Only two other artists, Tom Clark(Gnomes)and Knotheads by a woodcarver I can’t remember who. So thank you so much Tatjama.

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