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olga oreshyna: honoring the spirit of the wood

I’m looking at wood differently these days. Probably because I have been gathering so much of it from Hurricane Sandy debris for the large-scale art project I am hosting (look for an update about that project soon!).



Mesh, acrylic and oil on stained wood blocks

I now find myself magnetically drawn to art made from recycled wood. Olga Oreshyna’s email came at just the right time during the hunt and gather stage for my project.



Dandelion, watercolor on stained wood blocks

Originally from Russia, Oreshyna now calls Canada home. The emerging artist is becoming known for her work with abandoned wood.


Always Between, acrylic on stained wood blocks

She carves, assembles, stains and paints wood blocks – explaining that she feels ‘huge energy’ coming over her hands as she creates each wood block panel. Oreshyna believes that wood retains the living spirit of the tree and strives to honor that in the work.



Tower I


Tower II



Consonance, acrylic on stained wood block


Olga Oreshyna with wood scraps before their transformation


Olga Oreshyna’s website





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