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bronwen heilman did it!

Glass artist Bronwen Heilman is on a roll. Not only is she developing a bold new body of work, she is also learning how to photograph her work and she’s doing a DAM(n) good job!
cages detail


“Cages” are an exploration of holding onto, and letting go. A theme we can all relate to, she captures the feelings with recycled,  flame-worked and cast bottle glass, enamels and wire.



Bronwen did it. She took Brit Hammer’s groundbreaking course, Photographing Fine Art & Craft and her pictures look like a professional shot them. I’ve mentioned Brit’s class before because I wholeheartedly recommend both the class and the teacher – every artist can learn how to take WOW photos of their work.

Heilman’s also working on new sculptures, and again, the photos make the work POP. “Safe” (shown below) is about the illusion of safety…and how bars on windows do NOT keep one safe. If anything, they trap one inside….


[click image to enlarge]

All artworks and images by Bronwen Heilman  www.bronwenheilman.com

Congratulations Bronwen! The art and the images are a wonderful addition to your growing body of work. I look forward to seeing more.

There are Self-Study, Guided Study and Guided Study + Mentorship versions of the class. Here’s what Bronwen had to say about the Guided Study version of Photographing Fine Art & Craft:

“Everyone deserves the right to have good, no, GREAT photos of your own work. Taking Brit Hammer’s workshop, “Photographing Fine Art & Craft”, I found some tools to do just that. For me, the best part of taking this workshop is her honest critique. She isn’t that someone who looks at your photo and says ‘cool’. She actually takes the time and thinks about the image, and tells you what she sees and feels about that photo. Not only does she ask questions about the image to make me think about the story, but she also tells me what I did right, and especially what I did wrong with each image, and how to improve it.”

If you are undecided about whether or not to take the class, I want to tell you that I am really glad I did!

~ Bronwen Heilman, flamework glass artist / jeweler

daMuse took the class (will share pics and more information soon) and I can tell you, Brit is a powerhouse. The private Facebook group for this class is worth the price of the class all by itself, but you get so much more. . .

Are you next?


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  1. Bronwein is one of my favorite glass artists. She’s always been a magnificent teacher and it’s great to see the direction her work has taken. Excellent!

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