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deborah smith’s woven sculpture

Basket sculptures woven with driftwood appeal to my love of driftwood and my penchant for vessel forms. Deborah Smith’s website doesn’t offer much information about the artist, and a search on the Internet didn’t get me anywhere either but the work is so lovely I wanted to share it. Maybe Deborah will see the post and tell us a bit about her. We’d love to know more!


In Flight

Flow II

Lunar Lift

Mysterious Ways


Deborah Smith’s website

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3 Responses to deborah smith’s woven sculpture

  1. I did see it! Thank you so much for including me on your great site! I see that my site could use some bio information. I currently live and work in Western New York, on Lake Ontario, about 15 minutes from the Falls. I began weaving in the early 1990’s and shortly after started Smithcraft Baskets, selling at shows and through galleries and shops. For most of the years since, my time was spent almost equally between weaving traditional and sculptural baskets. In recent years, I’ve been able to devote most of my time to my sculptural work. I plan to have images of some new work on the website soon. I don’t have prices listed on the site, but would be happy to provide them if emailed at deb@smithcraftbaskets.com . Please let me know if I can answer any questions, or if you’d like any more information. Thank you, again, for your wonderful post!

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