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brit hammer takes your art images from average to awesome

Every artist DESERVES to have WOW photos. The moment I ‘met’ Brit Hammer on Skype last year I knew she was the one who could help artists take those WOW photos themselves. Her boundless energy, dedication to her craft, to artists and to teaching made it easy to see that she is an inspirational teacher.

Art and Photograph by Christine Dumont

Art and Photograph by Christine Dumont


DAM reader and polymer clay artist Christine Dumont took Brit Hammer’s Photographing Fine Art & Craft Guided Study online course and she agrees!

“Before Photographing Fine Art & Craft, I used to waste hours taking uninteresting pictures. My camera was an endless source of frustration. The course made me appreciate that taking a photo was an extension of the creative act of making the piece. Brit took the time to find out what I wanted to say in my photos and helped me get there.

My camera is no longer a mystery. I can work quickly and produce images that express the vitality and spirit of my work. This is hugely empowering as so much of our work is judged on the quality of our images.

Photographing Fine Art & Craft is a superlative course taught by a superlative teacher.” – Christine Dumont


Art and Photograph by Christine Dumont, silver by Christiane De Haes

Art and Photograph by Christine Dumont


Christine Dumont did it.

Are you next?

The Photographing Fine Art & Craft Guided Study Class begins Monday, January 7th. Now YOU can learn how to take WOW photos yourself!

Start the new year right. Sign up now.


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P.S. Just got a shiny new DSLR camera and not sure how to use it? Brit’s got you covered there, too. Grab her DSLR Photography for Artists tutorial. You’ll learn how to use your camera so you can hit the ground running.



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4 Responses to brit hammer takes your art images from average to awesome

  1. Sabine and Marsha, I’m so HAPPY to read that you both enjoyed the course and found it helpful! Photography is such a FUN art form and means of expression!

    I encourage you to post your newest photos on my Facebook fan page (www.facebook.com/brit.hammer.artist) so I can enjoy your progress.

    Happy shooting!

  2. I signed up too! Have gotten through the first section of the book and I already feel more confident with my approach to photographing my work, and taking my photography to the next level. Thanks for the email reminder for this Susan! Thanks for the great info Brit!

  3. Christine’s photos are superb and I can highly recommend Britt’s course. It’s all about the art of seeing and presenting work, and she describes it so well. This is what most inspired me in her course. I also developed an appreciation for her way of selecting views and shots.
    Even if one does not have an SLR, one can still apply the principles and get better snap shots in a hurry. They are just much better quality using an SLR.

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