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tanya besedina’s polymer clay fairytales

Canadian artist Tanya Besedina uses wood and polymer clay to tell her sweet fairytales. I’m smitten by the dreamlike, ethereal quality that emanates from the monochromatic tiles. Besedina is a masterful storyteller. . .

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“Only with love it is possible to see the mystical light and find a key to its door. Our imagination can come to life only if we are born with soul.”






Tanya Besedina
This photo gives you a good idea of the scale of the tiles. Wonderful!

“As with any story of depth, it takes layers and layers of truth, struggle, revelation, and achievement to complete its arc. For anything that transforms us in life, carries with it the requirement of perseverance and effort. This truth is reflected in my work both in the medium of Clay and Wood that I have chosen and the rigorous process of expression that I employ.”

Tanya Besedina’s website

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6 Responses to tanya besedina’s polymer clay fairytales

  1. You not only do amazing art work – with such a old school medieval flair; but the detail on such a small surface is extroidary also. I am going to your website now to see the rest of your work. Thanks, you have a new fan.

  2. This is some of the most beautiful and detailed work I have seen in this medium. This is absolutely amazing Tanya!

    *Applauds* DailyArtMuse.com for this fantastic feature!!

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