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lois russell’s waxed linen baskets

When I read Lois Russell’s words about vessels it was like coming home. I have felt this way for. . .kinda. . .ever. Russell is drawn to vessels – mixing bowls, canoes, bathtubs.

“I like insides and outsides. Things with insides and outsides interact with the space around them. They keep things in, keep things together; but they can also keep things out, protecting what is inside.

They can hide things.

Sometimes when you look inside there is a surprise.

Vessels are also such a human form. Don’t we all have interiors and exteriors?”

Yes. YES!  All of Russell’s work is interesting and lovely, but the waxed linen Landscape Baskets really caught my eye.


“To my mind the first vessel was two hands cupped together and the first basket weave was the intertwining of fingers.  Humans have made baskets for thousands of years.”


“Baskets are an invitation to play with shape, color and texture.”

Lois Russell’s website

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3 Responses to lois russell’s waxed linen baskets

  1. Lois, Your work just brightened the end of my wonderful black and white day with color and delight! (I have been secluded in my studio working all week developing a black and white book.) Your pieces sing with joy and whimsey. Great palette!
    Please add me to your mailing list.

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