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janette lazell’s wirecloth leaves

I hope you enjoyed the multiple posts yesterday and today. Seven posts in two days. . .lots to look at! Back to one post a day starting tomorrow. See you then!

A lifelong interest in horticulture shows up in Janette Lazell’s leaf collection, made from forged mild steel, stainless steel, steel and copper wires and stainless steel woven wire cloth. Lazell is currently working on ideas for creating woven and digitally printed fabrics. . .her work continues to evolve.





Stainless Steel Woven Wirecloth Leaves


“For my forged mild steel work I looked at grafting techniques for inspiration, adapting them as a way of joining metal.

I was able to devise methods of joining lengths of different thicknesses of mild steel rod to allow the structure to appear to grow vertically, beginning at the base with a wider diameter steel rod, progressing up the ‘plant’ form with lighter weight rod to represent the growth of a real plant.

Sewing techniques led me to devise other ways to connect sections to allow the forms to appear to ‘grow’, both vertically and horizontally. Much of the work is inspired by the landscape graphics I use when I draw a garden plan.”



Janette Lazell’s website

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