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zoë williams: felted and framed

As she creates framed, needle felted animal imagery/sculpture, New Orleans born artist Zoë Williams calls on the experience of living through Hurricane Katrina in her hometown to inform her work. Williams now calls New York City home, and the sculptures, at once whimsical and weird, surely give needle felting a new spin.

Milk & Chalk

The White Ram


Black Swan

Gold Rhino

The Fates

Parallax III

“Beauty is often tempered with strangeness in order to create an alternate world in which dreams are made real and the essence of an instant or idea is crystallized.

My own experiences in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina inform my work and contribute to my desire to give permanence to the fragile and ephemeral. The result is often surreal, permeated with a macabre aesthetic that serves as a counterweight to the supple lightness of the wool felt itself.”


Zoë Williams’ website

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