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liz mcauliffe: pods, seeds and leaves

Liz McAuliffe’s work is grounded in a reverence for nature. It is hard to believe that the New Zealand native had no formal training before she started carving in 2007. She is”attracted to the plentiful, fertile shapes in nature” and uses a variety of woods and MDF board to carve replicas of seeds, leaves and pods.

Pohutukawa Leaf

Honesty Pods

Manuka Capsules

Leaf Collection

Liz McAuliffe and her sculptures




Liz McAuliffe’s website

Watch the artist at work in this video clip

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2 Responses to liz mcauliffe: pods, seeds and leaves

  1. A lovely video to watch with my morning coffee. I enjoyed the contrast of her quiet, contemplative approach and research to her project with the actual physical and noisy hand-tools that cut, grind and polish the pieces. And what stunning pieces of work. Thank you for posting!

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