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jason gamrath: rising glass artist

Jason Gamrath is taking the glass art world by storm with his giant, oversized glass orchids. I’m speechless – and that doesn’t happen often.

In The Land Of Giants

He’s young, talented and humble. When you hop over to his website to look at the astonishingly luscious glass work, please take a few minutes to read his artist statement. It shows just how important working as an apprentice is to learn skill sets from the masters.

Jason Gamrath is one to watch.

Giant Pink Glass Orchids, 9 feet tall

The most beautiful and extravagant man made object could never creatively stand up to the the simplest and smallest naturally occurring life form. The purpose of creating this series on a macro scale, is to bring to light the beauty that exists within the micro scale of nature. Through the rigors of day to day life in an urban setting, I find it all to easy to overlook the natural beauty that has ultimately birthed us as a species.

At 8 feet tall, this orchid is the shortest of the series!

Clementine, 9 feet tall x 8 feet wide

Jason Gamrath

It is my hope that when people admire my large scale renderings, they can become captivated enough to look closer at earths creations, and appreciate nature with the same eyes that I humbly and graciously experience our natural world through.


Jason Gamrath’s website

Read about his years as an apprentice in his Artist Statement


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  1. Wow, these are Awesome! =D) Hats off Jason, for your Craftmanship. Thank you for Creating these Beauties and Sharing them with the World! =)) Warm greetz from the Netherlands! Mx

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