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daniel agdag’s masterful manipulation of common cardboard

It is exciting to watch what happens when an artist sets parameters on the materials and/or color palettes they use. Many see it as an opportunity to push the art to its limits. Australia’s Daniel Agdag finds this type of limitation “allows for a more unlimited stream of ideas to be formed” and he astonishes us with the results.

The Recorder

The End

Best known as an award winning stop motion filmmaker, he is turning heads with “Sets For a Film I’ll Never Make” – cardboard sculptures reminiscent of architecture and industrial machines.  Agdag uses only cardboard, glue, surgical scalpels and a wicked imagination to create the three dimensional artworks. He works intuitively – no drawings or plans. The sets are complex, intricately detailed, beautifully crafted and photographed. Impressive.

“They belong to the present and the past. But ultimately, they exist in a world of my own imagination and are examples of how I see the world.” Daniel Agdag on Frameweb

The Approach

“I became adept at manipulating the material and over time I developed a deep connection with it – I felt the texture, color and tactility complimented my themes. It’s because of this process I try not to deviate from my limited material choice, I find the limitation allows for a more unlimited stream of ideas to be formed.” Daniel Agdag on Frameweb


Daniel Agdag’s website

Read the full interview with Agdag on frameweb.com

More beautiful, very large images (great to see the details – and scale of the pieces) and another interview here


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