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hurricane sandy sparks an idea for art

Hurricane Sandy. Wow. The house I was staying in on that late October day stands high above and across the street from the Long Island Sound. . .I rode out the storm in a tiny crawl space.

It was a scary night, a very scary night. The house did not suffer but part of the town was ravaged – a story repeated over and over on the North Eastern Seaboard.

When I was able to find a way down to one of the beaches, I walked and cried as I witnessed the damage done by Mother Nature.

That day I started gathering debris that had washed up on the shore. Twisted, rusted metal, broken pieces of piers, staircases, homes, roof shingles, pickets from fences. . .there was so much and I had only walked two miles.

Five beaches and many hours later an idea was forming. An idea for how to turn a small piece of this epic natural disaster into something beautiful. . .expressive. . .restorative.

I knew who could make order of this chaos. . .I knew who could create beauty out of this destruction.



I quietly contacted a few artists who had been featured on DAM and told them about this idea that was brewing in my broken heart. Their enthusiasm and support was uplifting and motivated me to keep gathering, thinking, planning.

Each bit of broken wood and rusted metal will be entrusted to the care of an artist. Soon I will begin the arduous process of shipping the debris to destinations all across the country, where they will begin their journey of transformation. I can hardly wait to see what they will become. . .I know it is going to be inspirational.

The project is a work-in-progress – I might look for a venue for the exhibit (gallery owners who read DAM, are you listening?) and there will definitely be a permanent page on DAM showcasing the artwork. I am exploring other possibilities too, working on many details. Right now the target date for revealing the artwork to the public is April 2013, which marks the 6-month anniversary of the epic storm.

I still have more artists to contact and the list is growing. I’m beyond excited about the artists who are involved and I think you will be too. Participating artists to date include:

Shannon Weber
Ani Kasten
Melanie West
Elissa Farrow Savos
Joanne Teasdale
Christina Bothwell
Elizabeth Frank
Marie Gibbons
Tory Hughes
Laura Balombini
Kat Cole

You can help get this project off the ground by making a donation to offset the cost of shipping the wood and metal to the artists. There is a donation button at the end of this post. Hit it if you can. . .and pass it along to help spread the word.

I welcome all feedback as I continue to develop the idea – if you have suggestions about the project, please send your thoughts via email: dailyartmuse@yahoo.com





“Art, in itself, is an attempt to bring order out of chaos.” Stephen Sondheim


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