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henriette tomasi’s wire sketches

Oh, how I wish I could draw. . .in metal. Henriette Tomasi’s wire sketches capture movement so gracefully. They make me want to dance. Dance with me?





Henriette Tomasi’s website

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4 Responses to henriette tomasi’s wire sketches

  1. Tory Hughes says:

    Those are really remarkable, Susan! Thanks for showing such a free, innovative use of wire. Wire often is used in such a structured way, or to caricature in a more cartoon-y, more surface style. The looseness of these are so gestural. Very inspiring! I love the scale of them too…. Appreciate you so much, to find and exhibit these artists to us!
    Glad the bad weather is behind you, too.

  2. inga says:

    Wow, they are amazing. The shadow are fabulous.

  3. Deb Prewitt says:

    These are beautiful.

  4. Marijke Wolff says:

    Wonderful sculptures, thank you for bringing these creations to us. Henriette Tomasi is a very talented artist. I love the movement and fluidity in these, particularly the dancer. Very inspiring.

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