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michelle holzapfel transforms discarded wood

Michelle Holzapfel’s sculptures are made with wood that is left behind by logging operations – as she explains in the video below, wood that nobody else wants.

Crazy Eight12 x 12 x 3, walnut

Tartaruga11 x 12 x 18
walnut base, cherry limb scar, birch burl vessel, oak burl turtle

Liar’s Vase14 x 10 x 6, maple

The self taught woodturner and carver coaxes burls and other discarded wood to shine as a way to “honor the spirit of my artisan ancestry and the quiet heroism of daily life while contributing to the changing forms of human culture.”

Lockheart, 13 x 13 x 7, red maple burl, Yale lock

Vermont Spoons34″ x 46″ X 6″, spalted silver maple burl, gilding

Black and White Bowl

Reunion Bowl, 27 x 21 x 8, spalted maple burl

“Violence has been a central impetus in my work for many years: the violence I do to the wood, the physical wear-and-tear to my joints and muscles, the wresting of attention from the viewer, and the relentless brutality of our commercial age. But when these forces are momentarily focused….and skill serves intention….a small, temporary truce may be won—at a cost.” ~ Michelle Holzapfel

Michelle Holzapfel’s website

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