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kimberly nogueira’s automata for the body

Kimberly Nogueira’s automata for the body appeals to my child like curiosity. Nogueira attempts to “ignite a feeling of wonder and curiosity as the wearer activates figures and forms”, ultimately drawn into her message. Wonder. Curiosity. Yes, please and more, thank you.


Eyes of Truth, fine and sterling silver, brass, tourmaline

Mechanical Narrative Box #3: Lost Point of Origin
fine and sterling silver, bronze, found object, vitreous glass, enamel, cultured pearl, mica, paper, thread

This piece won first prize in Metal Clay Artist Magazine’s juried biannual competition.

Lost Point of Origin, back

Lost Point of Origin, open

Mechanical Narrative Box #2: Threshold
fine and sterling silver, bronze, vitreous glass enamel, paper, mica, found object, cultured pearl

“Using the traditional fabrication techniques of the goldsmith combined with metal clay and often enamelling, I explore the curious interplay between the past, present and future as it relates to childhood wonder, chance, possibility and responsibility. I draw on my extensive collection of turn-of-the-century and mid-twentieth century vending machine toys and buttons to form these connections.”

Kimberly Nogueira’s website

Check out her work in progress here.

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