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andy hixon’s mixed media illustrations

Andy Hixon’s got a way with polymer clay and Plasticine.

The man also knows his way around a camera and Photoshop, combining his talent for sculpting and his mad skills with a camera and the photo editing software. The UK based artist offers us mixed media illustrations and animations that are thought provoking and kinda brilliant.

Hixon’s characters tell a story. . .or a thousand stories. . .you decide.

After he paints finishing touches on a sculpture he sets a scene, photographs it and then manipulates the images in Photoshop for the final work.


The work is moody, some would say dark, even creepy. I love the mix of two dimensional and three dimensional; the uncertainty of the expressions; the complexity of each mixed media illustration.


Andy Hixon’s website
Read an interview with the artist on The Big Up Magazine


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