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marc petrovic: bird watching

Connecticut artist Marc Petrovic describes his new body of work as further exploration of his use of birds as a metaphor for “ruminations on relationships, parenting, home, shelter, and geographical identification.”

Avian 11


Look closely at these breathtaking glass birds – the details are not applied, not painted, not an illusion – they are the result of a technical breakthrough for Petrovic.

Avian 12


“As an artist, I have been drawn to the ideas of identity that grow out of a sense of place and self. In my newest series, Avian, I take a closer look at this subject as I pixelate, deconstruct and then reconstruct these birds. They are built, much like we are – one piece, or experience, at a time.”

Avian Pair 3

“Because I use glass as my medium, I pixelate by making my own murrini (slices of variously colored glass canes). I assemble and fuse them into abstract patterned tablets, which I view as fully realized deconstructed birds while also forming them, through my own, “hot-origami” process, into sentient birds.”

Avian Pair 3 shows the tablet that Petrovic refers to in the quote above – the bird is perched on the tablet. The tablet, when folded through the artist’s “hot-origami” process, becomes the bird.

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Avian 9

Avian 7


Marc Petrovic’s website

Article about Petrovic’s upcoming exhibit at the Heller Gallery and Avian Roll Up demo at Brooklyn Glass.



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