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noortje meijerink’s ceramic and metal clay

It isn’t often that you see an artist combine porcelain ceramics and metal clays (silver, gold, copper and bronze clay). Not often at all. But ceramic artist Noortje Meijerink does just that, with lovely results.

Speedies, porcelain, bronze, copper

Panel, porcelain, sgraffito technique, fine silver

Tell Me, thrown porcelain, sgraffito, fine silver

Meijerink has been working with ceramic clays since 1980. Her fascination for all types of clay led her to learn about metal clays, and in 2003 she became certified with Precious Metal Clay, which began her exploration of combining earthen and metal clays.

Haantje, thrown porcelain, sgrafitto technique, PMC fine silver

Varen, thrown porcelain, sgraffito technique, PMC fine silver

Stamp, porcelain, sgraffito technique, PMC fine silver

Birds on the worktable

Meijerink says of the marriage of materials, “From a ceramist view, to combine silver clay and ceramics was of course a big challenge. To my surprise there were hardly any ceramists who tried. Maybe that is the reason people in the US were impressed by my work, which gave me the opportunity to explain these techniques at the PMC Conferences.”

I’m impressed. I hope we see more ceramic artists incorporate metal clay – it adds an interesting quality to the work.

Noortje Meijerink’s website





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