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christi anderson: 2012 saul bell award winner

She’s a storyteller. Each diminutive piece, complete with intricately carved details, is meant to transport the viewer to a different place.

Inside The Ruins

Tree Trunk Fairy House

Windows and doors are almost always present in Christi Anderson’s PMC  (Precious Metal Clay) jewelry – a sure sign that when opened, you will enter a magical place.

Anderson recently won a Saul Bell Award for the necklace above – 1st Place in the Metal Clay category. Well deserved. I’m smitten.

Hearts and more hearts

The Garden of Good and Evil Book

I ♥ the hearts; want to jump into the story lockets and throw away the keys; want to know the secrets in every book. . .

Christi Anderson’s website


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  1. Susan, really want to take this but many times my Internet is spotty. Will that prohibit class participation? Also, have company showing up for 5 days, September 7. Can I still take it if I cannot get started before the 12th?

    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


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