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linda bristow: shoes and flowers. really.

I imagine that ceramicist Linda Bristow must have a quirky sense of humor. Her shoe gallery makes me think this is true. But wait, so does her flower gallery. Distinctly different yet all Bristow. She had me at her definition of shoes and her love of flowers and grasses.


“Originally created to protect the feet, shoe design today often has the opposite effect.  Shoes have become a fashion obsession, creations of fantasy, and more often an essential extravagance.

This juxtaposition is the basis from which my sculptures are formed. Stiletto heels, elongated arches, pointed toes, platforms….these are all essential elements in order to push feet and posture to their limits.  The addition of frills, zips, straps, texture, pattern and colour are all components that add to the idea of excess and luxury.”



Linda Bristow’s website


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