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yu-ping lin’s kaleidoscopic textile jewelry AND a self-study ecourse from damuse

This young designer, a graduate of Birmingham City University (MA/Jewelry, Silversmithing & Related Products) creates complex textile jewelry inspired by Origami and Chinese paper art, architecture and “the interaction and seduction of pattern.”

Yu-Ping Lin builds structures using felt, silk, imitation leather, synthetic fiber and stainless steel. She adds color by hand painting, dyeing, digital printing or transferring images to the fabrics and then laser cuts each piece before assembling.

Kaleido is a collection of jewelry based on the patterns seen when looking through a kaleidoscope. Lin designed each structure to have five different looks – the bracelets seen here can also be worn as brooches.


“Through this collection, I try to create a stylish wearable work with the molecular composition, the beauty of architecture and the joy of kaleidoscope.”

The piece above is from another collection – Inherence In Nature – and as with most of Lin’s jewelry, it does double-duty. The fiery orange-red textile can be a bracelet or a brooch. The neckpieces in this collections are even more bold, more spectacular in their presentation. See the entire collection here.

“In the process of research, I spend most of time on structure design and colour experiment. Model making and pigment testing are the most important before making. It is interesting to explore how the structure’s going in the experiment.”

Yu-Ping Lin’s website


Teaching Art Online

By the time students received Module Two in my Teaching Art Online class they realized that the materials and tools covered in the course are relevant to anyone who wants to teach online and several asked why I call the class Teaching ART Online, why not simply Teaching Online?

It’s true. The course content is appropriate whether you are an artist, a cook, a math teacher, a gardener, a plumber or anyone else who wants to teach an online class!

I named the class Teaching Art Online because I tailored it a bit for my peeps (Artists. Yes, you!). Nobody was teaching you how to create online art classes and I knew it was the perfect way to supplement income – right from the comfort of your own home.

Bottom line? Anyone interested in teaching online classes can benefit from TAO.



And now some great news about TAO! The self-study version of this class is coming next week and you can pre-order at a special price through June 1, 2012*.

5 modules, more than 20 videos and over 4 hours of instruction covering a wide range of topics related to online course creation in this comprehensive self-study course.

Go at your own pace. Take as long as you need. tao {diy} includes :

  • lifetime access to the videos and virtual classroom
  • 4 weeks access to the Support Forum
  • the course guide eBook

More information and all of the details here.

*Access to the virtual classroom and all of the course materials begins June 7, 2012.



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  1. Fascinating work, in the most literal sense: The complex patterns and folds invite the eye to explore deeper and deeper into the construct. Extraordinary!

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