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kate anderson, kate anderson, kate anderson

While researching fiber artist Kate Anderson I came across several other artists from around the world who share the name Kate Anderson. Today’s post features three of them.

One name. Three artists. Three distinctly different voices. Enjoy.

{Click on each artist’s name to jump to their website}


Kate Anderson – Fiber Artist


O’Keeffe Brush Teapot, knotted waxed linen

O’Keeffe Brush Teapot, back

Jim Dine Teapot, knotted waxed linen, stainless steel, aluminum

“Making sculptural art forms by utilizing the repetitive basketry technique called knotting forms the basis of my work regarding content and the blurred edges where art and craft meet.

High-art/low-art references come into play by utilizing the teapot, a common craft object, as my sculptural archetype juxtaposed with images appropriated from the world of “high art”.

Quotation, allusion, abstraction, and art/craft references all play a part as the knotting process simultaneously creates both structure and image.”


Kate Anderson – Mosaics



Where Shadows Go

The Myth of Place

Kate Anderson, glass mosaic artist

“The medium of mosaic allows me to interpret themes beyond the purely decorative. I see the contradiction in mosaic – that of its being solid, fixed, and yet containing such an urge to movement in design as sympathetic to the language of symbols which I explore.

Symbols survive through cultural changes, but the movement of time adds layers to their meaning.

I aim to produce work that stimulates the imagination and is thought provoking.

Work for exhibition takes me from the illustrative to the semi-abstract. Ideas are constantly excavated and reassembled.”


Kate Anderson – Illustrator/Animator



Still images from the animation “Displacement Song”

You can view all of the award winning artist’s animation shorts on her website.

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