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leslie b. grigsby’s seed bead sculpture

As Winterthur’s Curator of Ceramics and Glass, Leslie B. Grigsby is responsible for the museum’s collection of almost 20,000 objects. Grigsby’s love of art history spills over as inspiration for her own beadwork sculpture, though the inspiration doesn’t stop there – she also credits nature, science and science fiction as inspiration for her sculptures.

Teapot: If You Drink Any More Tea, You’ll Turn Into a Fish!
wood, glass and wooden beads, thread
Design and beadwork, Leslie B. Grigsby
Woodwork/assembly assistance, Lindsay Grigsby

Earth: The Root of All Good glass beads, wood, thread
Design and beadwork, Leslie B. Grigsby. Woodturning, Lindsay Grigsby

“From earliest childhood, sitting around the dinner table discussing Astronomy and the other sciences with my family, I have seen Outer Space as the illustration of how there are no limits to possibilities.”

Rocket Ship 1: The Sky’s No Limit
glass beads, thread, wood, rock crystal
Design and beadwork, Leslie B. Grigsby. Woodworking/assembly, Lindsay Grigsby


The artist with her Helmet Series

The artist’s husband often creates wooden cores that she meticulously stitches the seed beads over – a labor intensive journey that yields mind boggling results.

Leslie B. Grigsby’s website

Work in progress pictures here



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