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rachel gourley takes polymer in a different direction

Rachel Gourley is doing something with polymer that I haven’t seen before and it works.

For many years, the former teacher and scientific illustrator traveled the world with her family, living in far flung places including Abu Dhabi, the Balkans, Skopje, Belgrade, Brussels with trips to Oman, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Jordan.

Places, as she says, where “there was pattern colour, texture everywhere…”

Along the way her passion for the natural world continually influenced her art.

Now living in Vancouver, surrounded by the ocean and mountains, Gourley fabricates polymer forms and places them in natural settings – creating artistic landscapes that are lovely, uncomplicated and dripping with color and texture.

Interested in purchasing a print of one of her images? Drop her a line. I’m thinking living room or bedroom walls would welcome a Rachel Gourley, yes?

I first became aware of Gourley’s work last year when a friend sent me a few pictures of her work. My first response was “Love it!  I want to write a post about her. Does she have a website?” She didn’t.

Imagine my delight a few months later when Rachel signed up for my Artist Online Seminars class – she wanted to learn how to create her own website. She did a great job and her new website truly showcases her art. Enjoy your visit there. ..

Rachel Gourley’s website





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