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lanny bergner: matters of the mesh

Industrial metal mesh, pliers and scissors are all Lanny Bergner needs to create wall, free-standing and suspended sculptures that are sometimes organic, sometimes other-worldly and always interesting.

Amoeba Gathering, stainless steel mesh, wire
H48″ x W72″ x D6″

Neural Mesh, stainless steel mesh, wire, silicone, glass frit
H17″ x W16″ x D22″

Beneath The Waves

The Washington artist often adds silicone and glass frit, and recently began drawing on stainless steel mesh with a torch, which adds a new element to the work.

Columnar, brass mesh, glass frit, silicone, origami paper, wire
H27″ x W17″ x D17″

The artist giving a talk at Duane Reed Gallery

Bergner is inspired by the natural world and enjoys celebrating “the wonder of it all” through his art.┬áImpressive.

Lanny Bergner’s website

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  1. What wonderful topology! Thank you for the link to his web site. I do wish I could see these in person so that I could examine those pieces that are embedded with frit up close. They’re intriguing.

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