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janice parker’s quirky 3d narratives

On Monday I found myself stuck in traffic for several hours (two different tractor trailer accidents closed down two different highways). My mood shifted from frustrated (dozens of emails to answer and I needed to write a post for DAM, not to mention work waiting to be completed for the new class), to calm resignation, to grateful for the time to plan next steps and remember that I was only inconvenienced, not affected by the accidents. The Universe gives us plenty of opportunities – sometimes in the strangest places – our job is to remain open to them.

The Thieves of Time

It’s a new day today and Janice Parker’s porcelain and copper figures fit my mood. ¬†Perhaps the 3D illustrations of her original story The Thieves of Time, the Magpie and the Time Machine remind me of how my day unfolded yesterday. . .


The Thieves of Time, the Magpie and the Time Machine

Or maybe it’s just that I can’t help but smile when I look at these quirky characters. I think Parker uses an image transfer process to get her sketches onto the porcelain. Love it.

If Only Moving House Was This Easy

Love Me, Love My Elephant

A page from Parker’s sketchbook


Janice Parker’s website




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