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james chedburn’s delightful kinetic sculptures

If one can trust Google’s translation tool, James Chedburn is a high school art teacher in Paris. He is also the creator of an animated collection of brass wire sculptures that are often whimsical and always brilliant.

Circus Elephant

Domestic Bliss II

He often mounts the kinetic sculptures on vintage tins – an interesting and effective idea that adds to their charm. In recent work, Chedburn added paper mache to the wire (see Rhino, below – more on his website), which give the sculptures an entirely different feel – this sense of skin; alive at one time.


Giraffe Wagon


Mr. Finoccini

Chedburn narrated this 13 minute video that shows him making an elephant from start to finish. Even though I don’t understand French the video was quite enjoyable – especially 10:30 minutes into the video. Don’t miss it.

If you don’t have time to scroll to the 10:30 minute mark on the video above to see how glorious these kinetic sculptures are, the video below gives a tiny, tiny glimpse of a Chedburn piece in action.


James Chedburn’s website




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