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susan silver brown: glass sculptor confronts universal struggles

Susan Silver Brown’s art speaks to us of the universal struggles we all confront regarding existence, impermanence, love and loss. An art historian and glass sculptor based in Arizona, Brown travels the world for inspiration, describing the journey of being an artist as “intoxicatingly passionate.”

Shambhalla’s Illumination of Solace

The method Brown uses to bring these sculptures to life is long and arduous. She sculpts each piece in clay first, then utilizes the lost wax process to create the glass sculpture. Brown makes a mold of the clay sculpt, then pours liquid wax into the mold and when that has hardened and been refined, she creates a refractory mold from the original mold to complete the work.

The Burden Basket Series

The refractory mold – which can weigh up to 500 pounds (wow!) is lifted into the kiln with a fork lift or an A-frame. ¬†Describing what happens next Brown explains, “. . .a vessel holding the properly weighed out glass lead crystal is then placed on top of it. Over a period of between 4-8 weeks the glass fills the mold and slowly cools down.”

Relentless Righteousness

Susan Silver Brown with her cast glass sculptures

Kali’s Crowned Prana

“I try to combine the known and the unknown, the tangible and the intangible. In this confession of feelings and narrative I’m pushing for self-actualization through visual transcendence; for myself as well as my viewers. I’m confronting our struggle with existence, temporality, impermanence, love, and loss. I do this by interconnecting animal and man, nature and god energy.”

Sensitive to the “inner longing to connect back to the source” that many people experience, Brown often incorporates vertebrae, plant and animal material in the sculptures. The work is beautiful and thought provoking.

“Being an artist is an honest and explored life. It frees, heals my soul, and lets me contribute back to society to do the same.”


Susan Silver Brown’s website



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